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I feel productive!!
Okay, not really. I have a cold and feel like crap, but I am getting caught up on a lot of things.

Where to start?? How about with the biggest news this week...Mike and I bought an engagement ring this week. Yay! We are thinking of a September wedding but we are waiting to really plan once the holidays are over. Both sides of our families seem to be really happy so it's awesome. My ring is being sized and should be in in about 3 weeks. This is a pic of it.

So that's the big news. And as things are planned I will update you all.

I also started back to school recently and am in my second semester. It's hard work but I absolutely love it. I'm going back for Elementary Education. Can't wait to finish it already. Got my grades back from last semester and I got a 4.0! WOOT!

That's just about all that's going on. Just wanted to give a quick update! :)


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The ring is gorgeous!!! Congrats again!!!

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