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6 Month Anniversary and other things....
This past weekend marked 6 months for Mike and I. It was nice to just relax for the weekend. Although I couldn't relax as much as I would have liked. Last week my car started acting up and I thought it was my alternator, and so I was trying to figure out how I was going to get this fixed. I thought my friend, Al, was going to be able to fix it on Sunday, so I didn't worry too much. So on Saturday, Mike and I went out to breakfast at a little place in Wolfeboro called Crepes Oh La La. We had gone there on one of our first dates and loved it. Then we went home and hung out for the rest of the day. Later that day, I managed to injure myself (not much of a surprise there). I walked into the alcove and accidentally hit a large jar candle with my hand and knocked it onto my foot. My foot swelled up and got very bruised. So I have been hobbling around the past few days. On Sunday, I found out Al wasn't going to be able to do my car. I called Ron and he said he would be able to work on it on Monday. So I ended up not being able to go to work yesterday and we also found out that it wasn't the alternator. We still don't know what it is. We fixed the valve cover gasket which had been leaking oil everywhere. That was a project in itself. In fact, my car is still in pieces in Ron's basement. The battery and the alternator are both showing that they work, yet my battery light is still on. We don't know if it may have something to do with the actual circuit to the battery light. We also noticed there was a large draw coming from the battery when the car was off, which means something is trying to get energy even when the car is off...Yeah so my car is all screwy.

On to other things, I'm looking for a second job. I need to save more for when Mike and I get our apartment in August. My car payment, and the fact my car keeps breaking, is not helping.

Well, that's the Reader's Digest version of what's been going on. I gotta get off my butt and help Ron finish putting my car back together. Hopefully, there's no extra pieces. LOL

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