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Oh, the weather outside is frightful...
God, I am so ready for winter to be over with. I had forgotten what cabin fever felt like after being in FL for 3 1/2 years...So we got about 3 1/2 inches today, then it started snowing golf ball sized snowflakes, and now there's slush falling from the sky...lovely. I shoveled a few times today and salted and it's just mush everywhere. Plus, Mother Nature thought it would be really funny to have the trees throw snowballs at me while I was cleaning off my car...

So I've done nothing that I wanted to accomplish today because of the weather. Instead I spent the day starting to watch Lost...Mike has been talking about this show, and I thought I should maybe start watching today I started watching Season 1. Only up to episode 6 but I'm already hooked...and also already confused about stuff...

Heading down to Nashua on Friday night and Mike and I are going to go to the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston on Saturday. Should be awesome..kinda bummed though that they won't let us take cameras in. Oh well.

Talked to Monica tonight and she might be coming up to NH for her birthday. I hope she can make it. Haven't seen her for almost a year. I miss my B!

Anyway, I'm going to head to bed shortly, but just wanted to give a quick update on stuff.

Have a great night everyone!


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