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My week of events...
So last week was not exactly the greatest week. First it started with the alternator going on my car. So I ordered the part at work and Ron said he would put it in at the end of the day...then he realized he didn't have the tool to do so. My friend, Jamie, who is a guy I work with, loaned me his old 80 something Ford pickup. I really appreciated him doing that for me, but holy crap, was that thing hard to drive. So I go into work on Tuesday, Ron said he found out it was going to be more work than he thought to get the alternator in because of where it was located. He would need to do it in his garage...in Middleton. So we charged my battery enough so I could drive it to Middleton, but he had his truck and my boss's truck to fix before we could work on mine. By the time that was done, it was midnight. So, my car didn't get fixed again. SO I ended up staying at Ron's that night and we ride into work on Wednesday, the day of the bad snow storm, and at the end of the day, we have no ride, cause we had driven to work in my boss's truck. So we finally get picked up about and hour and a half after we got out of work, (Our ride got stuck in the driveway at her place because of the nasty weather) and I got to Ron's and Justin had just finished putting the alternator in my car...then he had to put everything back together...I was so happy it was done. All I wanted to do was go home, shower, and sleep...no such luck. I get home, and drove into my driveway and got stuck...so stuck that after 2 hours of shoveling I still couldn't free my car. At 1:30am I gave up and decided there was no way I was going into work the next day. I still got up however the next morning at 6am and tried shoveling again...nothing. So I lost a day of pay. Then Justin had to pull me out of the driveway with his car, and then I drove to my mom's because she needed me to bring her cat to the vet. So I get to my mom's and my mom's cat, Snookie, that we have had since I was 9, was not doing well....at all....so we got to the vet and within 10 minutes we had to put Snookie to sleep. By Friday, I was so emotionally and physically exhausted I could barely do anything..and I had to work Friday and Saturday then went to my grandparents house to help clean and put up Christmas decorations, which actually was pretty fun. I got to see my Aunt and Uncle that I haven't seen in awhile, so that was nice. But it has just been one of those weeks. On a high note, I am leaving tomorrow after work to spend the whole weekend with my boyfriend, Mike. I can't wait to see him. I've missed him so much. I'm going to be meeting his parents, which I am so nervous about. Should be a fun weekend though. :) Anyway, I was supposed to be at my Mom's about an hour ago, so I'm thinking I should get off my butt and get over there. ~Jenn P.S. I've just received word that my favorite restaurant for buffalo fingers is re-opening tonight after being closed for God's knows how long...The 103 in Rochester....thinking some buffalo fingers are in order....<input ... ></input><input ... >