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Old poem I wrote...

So I was going through some of my old stuff and I found this poem, or maybe it's lyrics, I'm not sure, but anyway, I thought I would post it. Thinking I might get back into writing...maybe.

Where did it go?
The life I thought I would lead.
I've been wandering through life,
Just trying to find what I need.
I thought it would be more than this,
How can you miss,
Something you've never known before.

Watching and waiting for my life to start.
Doing nothing but being faithful to my heart.
But life it seems, won't pay attention to your dreams.
It doesn't want to play that part.
So here I stand, watching life pass me by,
Thinking of things I might never know.
To myself, I just cannot lie,
So it is time for me to go.

Standing in line, to board that plane,
And trying to ignore the pain.
Leaving that life behind,
In order to find the new life I will gain.

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